An ultra premium vintage combining power with finesse.

The grapes were sourced exclusively from the world famous AVA of Santa Rita Hills, CA. The rich palate provides extremely unique flavors of strawberries and cream. A long lingering signature finish of chocolate and caramel will leave you longing for more. Barrel aged in custom French Oak for 12 months where the velvety layers of complex dark fruit developed.


This is our third vintage of award-winning Pinot Noirs. Its big brothers the 2007 and 2008 Pinots scored top international and national awards in 2010 and 2012 competing against many reputable wineries. The 2010 vintage has big shoes to fill and will be competing for its title in the next few years. A new release and this vintage is an exciting new addition to the line up.



The Fall season has arrived in wine country and that means grapes are flying around everywhere! Once the grapes start to ripen the window of opportunity is very limited to harvest the grapes at the peak of ripeness. In the cool early morning air we slip into the vineyards and pluck the cold juicy grape clusters from the vines. We have waited all year for this very moment, the time when we finally get to harvest our bountiful crop of grapes and turn them into the delectable beverage we call wine!

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