2008 Merlot
  • 2008 Merlot
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  • These Merlot grapes were specially selected from a vineyard located south east of Paso Robles in a little town called Creston. The vineyard is meticulously maintained with a canopy management program to ensure the consistent ripening of each cluster. The program is an important process with the Merlot grape in order to make robust full flavored wine. The skin of the grape holds the key to all of the color and tannins, therefore the clusters must be exposed to the maximum sunlight to reach full ripeness.


    Rather than using a wine press and risk bruising the wine grapes' skin, this exquisite Merlot is 
    produced with only free run juice to ensure the finest
    quality wine. We reserved only the finest
    quality for the winemaking process. This wine expresses a seamless, smoky, supple and seductive
    list of exotic spices wrapped around black cherry and   blackberry fruit flavors. The smooth dark
    plush velvet finish leaves your palate longing for another sip.
    Barrel aged in French oak for 18 months

    Food pairings: This wine will pair best with chicken marsala, turkey, grilled vegetables and a variety
    of swiss cheese.






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